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"Participating in a therapeutic
riding program was one
of the best decisions that I
have made since returning
home from four combat tours
in Iraq. Being around my
horse made me feel relaxed
and calm. He brought out
some feelings that I haven't
used much while I was in
Iraq. I felt compassion and
wanted to earn his trust.
I feel better around my horse
than any amount of medication
has made me feel."

— SGT Kenny Sunada
(Courtesy of SPUR )
Sanctuary Island, Inc,.
is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit public charity

Our Mission

The mission for Sanctuary Island Inc. is to service combat wounded veterans, the disabled, and children facing adversity.

Our Vision

To provide a venue to enhance the health, literacy, life experience and self-esteem of wounded warriors, other disabled and children facing adversity.

Our Story

In 2006 a mother, who is also a professional nurse, asked her son Marc, a Barry University Communications graduate on disability due to cerebral palsy, to volunteer and write…More


Consulting and Coaching to Create Communication Through Storytelling

We encourage those who have suffered a misfortune and have found solutions to communicate their stories with others. A Sanctuary Island specialist will consult and coach them through the journey of writing and self-publishing their story.

Sanctuary Island Inc. encourages and inspires them to support and inspire others…one story at a time!

Therapeutic Riding for Combat Wounded Veterans and Disabled Children

Horseback riding is a proven method of physical and mental therapy. Sanctuary Island Inc. coordinates participation in equine-related activities and therapeutic programs created specifically to support wounded and/or health-challenged war veterans, their immediate family members who also may need therapeutic assistance, and children who are disabled and/or facing adversity.

Peter the Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Playground Kids Parties

In the Peter the Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Playground Series, Peter the Panda goes through life and health experiences with his friends Jeffrey the Long-Necked Giraffe and Hoppy the Bunny. There are teaching games in the book and vocabulary exercises at the end of each chapter. The Panda Character acts out the story while the author and volunteers read, with each child having his or her own free book.