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"The VA reports improvements physiologically, cognitively and psychologically. So much can be accomplished using equine support, I'm convinced of its value. The focus on illness, wounds, pain, etc. get diverted onto something more "healing." Soldiers with PTSD have huge trust issues which is why it is so difficult to get them to attend therapeutic groups. There is no psychological threat in equine therapy, thus facilitating trust. We are embarking on a valued path to help veterans and others self-improve. The operative word here is self-improve."
Gary Greenfield, Sc.D., M.P.H.
Retired Military Psychologist
Vietnam Veteran

Sanctuary Island, Inc,.
is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit public charity

How can you help?

Create Awareness


If your employer has a foundation, or a community outreach program, please tell them about Sanctuary Island Inc. Hopefully, we will garner their attention and support. Help us create awareness about the growing numbers of wounded warriors, disabled, and children suffering from a misfortune.

General Donation


A general donation of $25, $50, $100, or any amount you can afford

A general donation helps us provide those in need with our Sanctuary Island Inc. programs, such as Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and Peter the Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Playground Kids Parties addressing Literacy, Friendship, and Character Building.

Sponsor a Therapeutic Riding Scholarship


A $1,500 donation provides a scholarship for a wounded warrior or disabled child.

This scholarship fully underwrites the costs for 10-weeks of therapeutic riding lessons.
Includes: Facility cost, basic riding equipment, local transportation needs, and “Special Person to Ride” books for rider and side walkers.

The scholarship also provides the rider with the Sanctuary Island self-publishing consultation and coaching to help them write and share their story.

Sponsor a Peter the Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Playground Kids Party

-Teaching Literacy/Friendship/Character Building in a fun way


A $350 donation provides a Peter the Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Kids Party for at least 10 children facing adversity.

The children (ages 4-12) learn about health and hospitals, nurses and doctors, trust, friendship and life’s experiences in a friendly and fun way. Children experience age appropriate sing-a-longs, games, participation with the Peter the Peteeatrick Panda™ character, and a nurse to answer questions. Children are provided their very own book, bear, and puppet.

They will also meet Marc O’Brien, the author of “Peter The Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Playground.”


Donate By Mail

Please send your contribution to: Sanctuary Island, Inc.
1101 So. Miramar Ave. #303
Indialantic, Florida 32903